It Gets Personal

I first went to the Stone Arch Bridge (SAB) with some friends to fish carp. I'd like to tell you that it was 1989, but my memory is bad, so I'll stick with late '80s. At the time the bridge was closed and blocked by a chain link fence. We would climb it and peer over the edge to see if we could spot any carp in the river below.

Look at the picture of the bridge shown above. Notice that it doesn't have any railings? Or light posts? That is because it was taken back in the early '90s when I brought my then girl friend (fated to become my wife) down to the river to go carp fishing. When we get to the part of the tour where I show current pics you will see a lot of sissy safety stuff like a railing and lights.

The entire area was still pretty primitive. None of the fancy walking paths had been built. Most of the people you ran into were homeless or weirdos (like carp fishermen), no fancy downtown workers out for a run at lunch were ever seen.

So take a look at the pics. You can see bigger versions by clicking them.

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